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Aug 19 2010

Sometimes, Establishing Expertise Doesn’t Pay Off

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Recently I analyzed the relative payoff from different types of work I’ve done in my career to date. Some of the work has paid off reasonably well. But one particular bit of it stands out as a counter-example to common wisdom: Between 1997 and 2000, I spent countless hours on the BDE Alternatives Guide, a […]

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Jun 14 2010

Helping Our Customers Hire

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For today, a “day job” topic: Oasis Digital (my firm) is a custom software development shop. It is not a staffing or recruiting firm; there are many good firms in those businesses, and I have no desire to join them in that market. Oasis Digital doesn’t offer contract-to-hire, it doesn’t charge a percentage of a […]

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Jun 10 2010

SaaS: The Business Model – Video

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On Feb. 27 at St. Louis Innovation Camp 2010, I gave a talk on the SaaS business model. I posted the slides, handout, audio, and transcript soon thereafter. Here, finally, is a video of the 44-minute-long talk. Why did it take over three months to get online? Read on below. Warning: Sausage-making Discussion Below The […]

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May 27 2010

Take a Strategic Vacation

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This is yet another story that I’ve told dozens of time to individual and groups, and now finally written down. Here is a short video talk: Strategic Vacation from Kyle Cordes on Vimeo. As usual, the vimeo page offers it for HTML5, non-Flash platforms like the iPad. Back in 2004 I co-founded Mobile Workforce Management, […]

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May 07 2010

When Will It Ship? Estimates and Promises

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I’m trying something new with this post: a short video presentation of approximately the same content. Here is an area of confusion that has come up both at Oasis Digital, and at every other firm I’ve worked: estimate ≠ promise Background: Unpredictability Around half of my software development and leadership experience has been in enterprise/internal […]

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Apr 25 2010

Data Center (Cloud) Cost Efficiency

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A few months ago I mentioned James Hamilton’s comments on the micro-server trend. Today I came across a talk he gave at MIX10 in which he presented excellent real-world large-scale data, with insightful analysis, about the cost efficiency of data centers. (Here is a direct MP4 download, suitable for viewing across more platforms.) I had […]

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