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Nov 30 2009

Massive Parallelism and Microslices

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I just read James Hamilton’s comments on “Microslice” servers, which are very low-power, but high CPU-to-wattage ratio servers. As he explains in detail, at scale the economics of this design are compelling. In some ways, of course, this is the opposite of another big trend going on, which is consolidation through virtualization. I reconcile these […]

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Nov 15 2009

Is your work getting better?

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We’ve all heard that life / business / progress are moving faster “these days” than ever before. This feels true to me (in the positive sense, I am no Luddite), but I am also leery of how easily each generation becomes convinced that it invented newness, change, and youth. On the topic of technical design […]

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Nov 15 2009

I Went In a Boy, I Came Out a Man

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Not really, it just seemed like the sort of over-the-top thing a rabid Mac fan might say. But I did replace my main Windows PC with a MacBook Pro. I’ve used Apple products occasionally over the decades, going all the way back to the Apple II, IIe, IIgs, and orignal 1984 Macintosh. I’m not “switching”, but rather adding; our […]

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Nov 12 2009

Business of Software 2009: Excellent

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I just returned from the Business of Software 2009 conference, and can summarize it as excellent. Here are some thoughts on specific bits of it, mostly interesting to people who were there. Geoffrey Moore’s opening talk was an early highlight of the conference; I’ve often been disappointed when a well-known person from somewhat outside a […]

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Nov 08 2009

Micro-review: Bose QuietComfort 15 noise-cancelling headphones

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I recently bought these Bose headphones: Yes, they cost $300. Ouch. If you travel by airplane more than 1x per year, buy these headphones. Slightly longer review: These headphones use active noise cancellation to dramatically slash the volume of loud environments; they work best for continuous, white-noise-like sounds (for example, riding in an airplane). The […]

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Nov 06 2009

Book Giveaway at BarCampSTL, Nov. 7

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A while back I wrote that The World is My Warehouse, and I’ve been making that more true ever since. One tiny example is the stack of books below, which I’m giving away tomorrow at Bar Camp St. Louis. Please be polite, and only take one book per person. Two of the books are about […]

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