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Jun 25 2006

Long Rails Stack Trace

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I was looking at the RailsConf schedule, and saw the Rails web app that runs it fail with this longish stack trace. A few Rubyists sitting nearby commented that the application was not well configured, that usually Rails apps are configured in deployment to store such traces to a log, rather than spit them at […]

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Jun 23 2006

How To Do Deployment (Dave Thomas RailsConf Keynote)

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I just attended Dave Thomas’s keynote at RailsConf. He had many interesting things to say, most notably that 60%+ of his Java-centric conference-circuit friends, mostly people who have written books on Java, speak regularly on Java, and have lots of experience as Java “architects”, are now making a living with Ruby / Rails. Dave talked […]

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Jun 22 2006

At RailsConf, Sitting Around Ignoring Each Other

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I’m at RailsConf. In a flagrant attempt to be one of the cool kids, I’ve set up a Flickr account to share my RailsConf Photos. Of the few dozen conference I’ve attented, this one has the highest incidence so far of people sitting around, in large groups, working alone on their notebook computers; some of […]

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Jun 11 2006

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Published under Business

Armin Vit, a graphic designer, described his experiences hiring out work on his home, and how he had opportunities to offer the same kinds of objection that his clients have offered: “We, of course, hated these clients too. Mocking us with their DIY, cheapskate attitude. Hated them. All of them. … Fast-forward to September 2005 […]

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Jun 09 2006

Second Life – Wow

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At ETech I saw a talk from the Linden Labs guys… and didn’t really understand.  Today I came across this video of a talk they gave at Google…  and now I understand.  I don’t have any particular desire to play myself; but the community and marketplace they have is remarkable.  Unlike the various “MOMRPGs”, these […]

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Jun 02 2006

Take control of Delphi forms in your multimonitor application

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The authors of the the VCL helpfully added multi monitor “support” a few versions back. Somewhat less helpfully, this support is very limited – it has no way to say “create form X on monitor 3”, which is a very useful thing to do in some kinds of applications – those intended to run on […]

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