Jun 09 2006

Second Life – Wow

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At ETech I saw a talk from the Linden Labs guys… and didn’t really understand.  Today I came across this video of a talk they gave at Google…  and now I understand.  I don’t have any particular desire to play myself; but the community and marketplace they have is remarkable.  Unlike the various “MOMRPGs”, these guys don’t charge a subscription fee; they charge for virtual real estate instead.  Moreover, in this marketplace of people selling things to each other, there are $5 million of transactions every month (!) between Second Life users, with thousands of such users building and selling things as their full-time, pay-the-rent work.

I don’t know what this means.  If someone has proposed this idea to me I’d had said it would go nowhere… obviously my understanding of what people will buy, needs considerable adjustment.

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  1. […] For me, his story strikes at the heart of why developers love programming. Developers love to create something. To sit down, and crank out the code and shape something into existence. It’s a total trip. There is always talk of developers getting in the “zone”. That is what it is all about. Getting absorbed in creativity. Check out Second Life that Kyle links to and you will see this same drive to create on a massive scale. […]