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Oct 01 2007

Upcoming talk: Intro to Distributed Source Control

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Where: SLUUG (though my talk is not listed on the site yet) When: October 10th, meeting starts at 6:30 PM I’ll introduce distributed source control tools: A short tour of the basic use of git, bzr, and hg (Mercurial) Thoughts on why you’d want to use a distributed source control tool at all, vs. a […]

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Jun 27 2007

svnmerge, a tool to manage SVN merges

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We use SVN on a project with a lot of small branches, i.e. a branch for almost every non-trivial feature. This is not a particularly pleasant want to use SVN, but it meets another important need for our project: code review on the way in to the trunk (as a “gate”), rather than code review […]

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Jun 08 2007

synsync: another way to remotely backup / svnadmin dump an SVN repository

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Last month, I described an approach using SVK to remotely clone and then “svnadmin dump” an SVN repository. It turns out that there is an easier way “in the box” in SVN 1.4: the svnsync tool. Bob Ippolito describes how to do it, here are the minimal steps: $ MYREPO=/home/me/someplace    (do not use ~username, use […]

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May 17 2007

Linus Torvalds explains distributed source control

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On several occasions over the last year, I’ve pointed out that distributed source control tools are dramatically better than centralized tools. It’s quite hard for me to explain why. This is probably because of sloppy and incomplete thinking on my part, but it doesn’t help that most of the audiences / people I’ve said this […]

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May 16 2007

Use SVK to remotely “svnadmin dump” an SVN repository

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One of the nice things about SVN is how easy it is to carry the complete SVN history from one server to another: “svnadmin dump” produces a single (large) dump file with the complete history, then “svnadmin load” to recreate it on the new machine. However, for a handful of our projects we have an […]

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Mar 11 2007

Faster TortoiseSVN

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I’ve used SVN and the TortoiseSVN client for most projects recently. The combination works well (and contrary to my initial expectation, I’ve found a shell-integrated source control tool quite usable), but sometimes causes annoying slowdowns in Windows Explorer.  But with the help of a post in this anonymous “Professional Blog”, a few minutes of configuration […]

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