svnmerge, a tool to manage SVN merges

We use SVN on a project with a lot of small branches, i.e. a branch for almost every non-trivial feature. This is not a particularly pleasant want to use SVN, but it meets another important need for our project: code review on the way in to the trunk (as a “gate”), rather than code review for code already in trunk (“drive-by” code review).

Today on the XPSTL mailing list, Mike Jorgensen pointed me to svnmerge:

“ is a tool for automatic branch management. It allows branch maintainers to merge changes from and to their branch very easily, and automatically records which changes were already merged. This allows displaying an always updated list of changes yet to be merged, and totally prevents merge mistakes (such as merging the same change twice).”

svnmerge looks rough, but should still be a big improvement of SVN alone. It’s a ways short of what’s in the box with git, bzr, etc., but is also a much smaller step for a team using SVN.

Speaking of merging, Mark Shuttlework recently argued merging is the key to software developer collaboration. To me, this is obviously true, and not only for open-source projects, but for closed-source projects also.  If it sounds untrue to you, then you and I are probably thinking of different meanings of “merge”.

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  1. Yes SVN is a good tool for merging a single project as i use with AG and i have an issue like i need to merge 2 different projects (entirely different) so is there any option with SVN to merge 2 different projects and if it can be done i think there is no other tool easier like SVN for merging

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