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Nov 30 2009

Massive Parallelism and Microslices

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I just read James Hamilton’s comments on “Microslice” servers, which are very low-power, but high CPU-to-wattage ratio servers. As he explains in detail, at scale the economics of this design are compelling. In some ways, of course, this is the opposite of another big trend going on, which is consolidation through virtualization. I reconcile these […]

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Nov 15 2009

Is your work getting better?

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We’ve all heard that life / business / progress are moving faster “these days” than ever before. This feels true to me (in the positive sense, I am no Luddite), but I am also leery of how easily each generation becomes convinced that it invented newness, change, and youth. On the topic of technical design […]

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Nov 12 2009

Business of Software 2009: Excellent

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I just returned from the Business of Software 2009 conference, and can summarize it as excellent. Here are some thoughts on specific bits of it, mostly interesting to people who were there. Geoffrey Moore’s opening talk was an early highlight of the conference; I’ve often been disappointed when a well-known person from somewhat outside a […]

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Oct 11 2009

SaaS is good; Software as a Product is also good!

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A reader recently wrote to ask for advice about a product which started as a SaaS offering, but for which the technology and customer needs are pointing in another direction: […] As we evolved this product we started working more with directory services and really needed to move the app inside the corporate network for […]

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Jul 27 2009

Business of Software 2009

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A couple of years ago I attended the inaugural Business of Software conference; it was quite worthwhile. This year I’ve registered to attend Business of Software 2009, and heartily recommend it to anyone interested in the subject matter. Joel Spolsky is one of the sponsors; I had an interesting conversation with Joel last time I […]

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Jun 15 2009 Considered Harmful

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(Offtopic warning: my site is mostly about technical matters, not about consumer affairs.) Well, that wasn’t fun. We had reserved, or so I thought, a hotel stay of a few days, using  Life intervened, and it became necessary to cancel.  We attempt to cancel.  It turns out that we hadn’t reserved a hotel stay. […]

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