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Jan 14 2008

Is Delphi Dead? No.

Published under Business

A few months ago Alex Miller pointed me to this Delphi doom article (the site appears to be down at the moment), which reminded me to post about the same topic. Here goes. Delphi shipped in 1995, and its demise has been declared frequently since 1997 or so. In a sense this demise is true, […]

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Jan 13 2008

Optimize Hierarchy Queries with a Transitive Closure Table

Published under Technology

Last year I posted about the use of a Joe Celko-style nested set hierarchy representation, for fast hierarchy queries. Here I will describe another approach which is simpler to query, but more wasteful of space. I did not invent this transitive closure approach, I learned of it from several directions: Celko wrote about it as […]

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Jan 10 2008

Shoes, a new Ruby GUI toolkit

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Last year I gave a talk on Ruby GUI toolkits, and concluded that none of those I looked at were compellingly slick or mature. There is a new player on the field now (thus certainly not mature, but interesting nonetheless): Shoes, from why the lucky stiff. Shoes creates native applications with a Web feel. It […]

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