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Aug 21 2007

Python or Python+Delphi Developer Wanted

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Speaking of Python, over at oasis Digital we’re looking for a Python (subcontract) or Python+Delphi (full time) developer. For the right person this could be a great opportunity to use your preferred tools. Plus, a tip to anyone applying for this work or any other work: when you email a resume, don’t name it “my […]

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Aug 20 2007

Yet Another Python Success Story

Published under Business

Is it OK to use programming language X in a production enterprise application? Or are fear, uncertainly, and doubt holding you back? Public “success stories” might make it more acceptable for you to do so in your environment. In that spirit I offer our story of a production Python deployment at an Oasis Digital customer […]

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Aug 18 2007

Fourteen Tools for a Productive Distributed Team

Published under Business

A geographically distributed software development team (“distributed team”, for short) is simply one where developers don’t work in close physical proximity (within a few hundred feet). In such a time you interact mostly via electronic means. To some readers a distributed team will sound like an obviously ridiculous idea, while to others it will sound […]

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Aug 04 2007

My name is Kyle, and I’m an Infoholic

Published under Life

I recently read Tim Ferriss’s book The Four Hour Work Week, colloquially called 4HWW. The book is short, dense with ideas, and easily worth the $12 price. I recommend the book in spite of: Questions about the veracity of Ferriss’s claimed accomplishments Criticisms that some of his techniques are not as broadly applicable as he […]

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Aug 03 2007

Help! My Hierarchy is Slow – Faster Hierarchies with Nested Sets

Published under Technology

A great many applications, including many that I’ve worked on, have a hierarchy of things: of parts, of people, of organizations, etc. The way most of us represent such hierarchy is with the first thing that generally comes to mind: make each Widget have a parent Widget, with a table like so:

This representation […]

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