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Jan 21 2014

Video Encoding, Still Slow in 2014

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Over at Oasis Digital, some of us work together in our St. Louis office, while others are almost entirely remote. I’ve written before about tools for distributed teams, and we’ve added at least one new tool since then: talk while drawing on a a whiteboard, record video, upload it to where the whole team can […]

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Oct 16 2010

Lua Doesn’t Suck – Strange Loop 2010 video

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At Strange Loop 2010, I gave a 20 minute talk on Lua. The talk briefly covered six reasons (why, not how) to choose Lua for embedded scripting. Lua is safe, fast, simple, easily learned, and more popular that you might expect. The Strange Loop crew only recorded video in the two largest venues (out of […]

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Jun 10 2010

SaaS: The Business Model – Video

Published under Business,Presentations

On Feb. 27 at St. Louis Innovation Camp 2010, I gave a talk on the SaaS business model. I posted the slides, handout, audio, and transcript soon thereafter. Here, finally, is a video of the 44-minute-long talk. Why did it take over three months to get online? Read on below. Warning: Sausage-making Discussion Below The […]

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May 27 2010

Take a Strategic Vacation

Published under Business

This is yet another story that I’ve told dozens of time to individual and groups, and now finally written down. Here is a short video talk: As usual, the vimeo page offers it for HTML5, non-Flash platforms like the iPad. Back in 2004 I co-founded Mobile Workforce Management, a vertical market SaaS firm. For the […]

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May 19 2010

The Prolog Story

Published under Technology

I’ve told this story in person dozens of times, it’s time to write it down and share it here. I’ve again experimentally recorded a video version (below), which you can view on a non-Flash device here. I know a little Prolog, which I learned in college – just enough to be dangerous. Armed with that, […]

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May 07 2010

When Will It Ship? Estimates and Promises

Published under Business

I’m trying something new with this post: a short video presentation of approximately the same content. This is a Vimeo video, embedded as Flash. You can go over to Vimeo to watch it with HTML5-video devices like an iPad. I expect to offer better quality and more options as I learn more. Here is an […]

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