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Mar 23 2006

Hints at Win32 Deprecation

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I just read today (wow, where have I been?) about the issue with Win32 binaries under the (delayed) Vista version of Windows – most notably, that Win32 binaries will need to be signed, otherwise they will provide a, er, “downlevel” user experience. A proposed workaround is to code to another runtime environment (.NET, Java, Ruby, […]

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Nov 24 2003

Graph Visualization in Delphi

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For a project at Oasis Digital, we need to show the end user a graphical representation of a graph (in the “graph theory” sense of the word). The application is written in Delphi, and in looking around I didn’t find any native Delphi components for doing that. I did find GraphViz, and a COM Wrapper […]

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