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Mar 08 2009

Bar Camp St. Louis, a stealth micro-unconference?

Published under Technology

Today I stumbled across the web evidence of Bar Camp St. Louis (Flickr stream, Facebook group) , a software / social networking flavored “unconference”. It occured a few months ago, on Dec. 13th, 2008.  I’m not sure I’d have attended, but I am surprised that went below the radar of any of the various user […]

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Oct 31 2007

Great Developers, Projects That Sound Boring

Published under Business

I’ve been a fan of Joel Spolsky for years, though I haven’t agreed with everything he’s written, and even mocked him a bit. Joel has written at length on his web site and in print about attracting the best developers, and one aspect of that has bothered me: How do you attract top developers to […]

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Jul 10 2007

Business of Software 2007 Conference

Published under Business

I just registered for the Business of Software 2007 conference this fall (Oct 29 and 30) in San Jose. The organizers have put together an impressive list of speakers, and the schedule is mostly one-track: everyone in the same session. I prefer conference like that, to those with many “tracks”. This is the first year […]

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May 26 2007

TEDTalks – Ideas Worth Spreading – Video Worth Watching

Published under Life

TED is an annual conference at which a bunch of (hopefully?) remarkable people say remarkable things. I’m using the word in a Seth Godin sort of way: remarkable things are those which inspire people to literally remark about them. It appears to be “A-list” event, meaning that I’m not likely to make the cut anytime […]

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May 10 2007

Selling your Software as a Service: Notes and Audio

Published under Business,Presentations

At the St. Louis Code Camp on May 5, 2007, I gave a talk on Selling Your Software as a Service, in which I discussed our experiences selling a complex (Java) “enterprise” application in that manner. The room was much more crowded than I expected, it was exciting to have an eager group. As with […]

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Apr 07 2007

St. Louis Code Camp, May 5 2007

Published under Business,Presentations

It’s time for the second (annual) St. Lous Code Camp on May 5, 2007. There’s no actual camping (unlike some other ___ camps out there), just one day of sessions. Think of it as a mini-conference. See Brian’s announcement for more details. If you’ve been thinking of giving user group talks and never gotten around […]

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