Mar 08 2009

Bar Camp St. Louis, a stealth micro-unconference?

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Today I stumbled across the web evidence of Bar Camp St. Louis (Flickr stream, Facebook group) , a software / social networking flavored “unconference”. It occured a few months ago, on Dec. 13th, 2008.  I’m not sure I’d have attended, but I am surprised that went below the radar of any of the various user groups / mailing lists I follow.

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3 Responses to “Bar Camp St. Louis, a stealth micro-unconference?”

  1. That was the first one. Some of us are organizing a second one, it’s been delayed but you should start hearing more about it very soon. There’s talks right now about how to properly market one and what the right mix of people would be.

  2. CodeClimber says:

    How to quickly get started with Git/GitHub…

    How to quickly get started with Git/GitHub…

  3. Matt Follett says:

    I don’t know who organized that one but there is a group doing another one in November 7th & 8th on Washington University’s campus. More info can be found here:
    And there is a list here:

    If you don’ think you would be up for this one who do you think would be?