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Mar 06 2007

One URL per page

Published under Business

A few weeks ago I was working on a web site that wasn’t getting as much attention from Google as the site owner expected.  One (of many) issues was that for every “interesting” page (those that had link-worthy material), there were at least three URLs for that same content. Depending on how the user navigated […]

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Mar 02 2007

Indentation as Block Structure – HAML instead of RHTML

Published under Technology

When I starting with Python sometime in 2001, I was briefly frustrated by the intentation-as-block-structure syntax; but after a few weeks I found it  natural. Its most obvious advantage is that it avoid the duplication between indentation and braces / keywords. Yet this kind of syntax has not become popular outside of Python. Today I […]

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Mar 02 2007

High Level Assembly Code?

Published under Technology

A while back I needed to reverse the order of the 4 8-bit bytes in a 32-bit word, in some Delphi code. I worked out a way to do it with bit shifting, read the docs for a few minutes, and got something to work with AND, SHL, SHR, and some $FF constants. Later I […]

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