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Nov 10 2006

Java Scripting Talk – Code, Notes, and Audio

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Last night (9 Nov 2006) at the St. Louis Java User Group, I gave a talk on “Scripting Your Java Application”. As I mentioned, there were no slides, but rather a handout, the text of which is pasted below. You can download the handout (a tight, one page PDF), the code, audio of the talk […]

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Nov 10 2006

Overwhelming blog spam, and Thunderbird vs. POPFile

Published under Technology has become popular with blog comment spammers recently; though because I have moderation on, so far only I have seen the spam (in the WordPress admin interface), it hasn’t reached the public site. In the last week, the quantity has grown enormously, to the extent no longer practical to moderate manually. I’ve installed Akismet, […]

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Nov 07 2006

Label Placement in Forms… I was wrong.

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In the process of designing “forms” in applications (both web based and rich client), I’ve had several discussions about where field labels should be located on the screen relative to the labeled fields. I’ve usually pushed hard for left-aligned labels, to the left of the fields, because this looks most tidy to me; I assumed […]

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Nov 05 2006

Java Scripting talk, Nov. 9 at the St. Louis Java User Group

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This Thursday, I will give a talk at the St. Louis Java User Group on “Scripting your Java Application”, Thursday Nov. 9. Here is the blurb: First, this talk will show how to plug in scripting capability to your application, using common scripting mechanisms, including those from the scripting related JSRs (223, 274, etc), and […]

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Nov 05 2006

Heading to AYE

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I’m heading to the AYE conference shortly, as I did last year. My strategy then was to attend many Weinberg sessions, which has turned out to be wise in retrospect, as Jerry won’t be there this year, he is home recovering from illness. I am eager to see how the rest of the AYE team […]

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Nov 02 2006

Software Development Team = Marketplace?

Published under Business

Some months ago, when deciding how to structure a software development project team, I lamented (offline) that what I’d really like the project to resemble is a marketplace – a community of developers all eager to find their niche. As the market clears, each developer would end up doing what they do best, maximizing their […]

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