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Nov 30 2006

Transforming Language

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I picked this idea up from Dale Emery, in his excellent “Resistance as a Resource” talk at AYE, which is based on a paper available at his website. He shared a story of an HR manager who spoke with disdain about a group of people at their company as “resistors” to change; in their case […]

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Nov 23 2006

You Have More Options Than You Think

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A few weeks ago, around the time of the Reddit sale to Conde Nast, I read Aaron’s Swartz’s summary of his life to date, including a description of his brief high school experience: dissatisfied with high school, he quit. He was then officially “home schooled”, but he actually wandered off to teach himself and take […]

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Nov 18 2006

The World is My Warehouse

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My Old Way of Thinking Until recently, my strategy for deciding what possessions to keep has been simple: to a first approximation, “keep everything forever”. There is family history in this direction, so I come by this honestly. I have kept many pieces of equipment, cables, books, magazines, tools, office supplies, and much more. There […]

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Nov 13 2006

A Few Days Away, a Fresh Look at Email

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On my office PC, I have a complex, tuned mechanism for processing email: many filters, many folders, etc. I check email at least a couple times per hour (sometimes every few minutes) and tend to send many short replies to message threads. When I travel, my email processing is much simpler: check email a few […]

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Nov 12 2006

Published in 1987

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Rummaging through old books (giving many away, selling others, discarding others) in an attempt to lighten the load I carry through life, I came across a rather weak book from 1987: … in which I appeared in print for the first time. One short (1.5 page) chapter therein is from a submission I wrote for […]

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Nov 10 2006

Disconnecting to Keep Distraction Away

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I’m back from AYE. The last session I attended was Dwayne Phillips‘s on “Distraction”. Distraction is a recurring enemy here, always ready to strike, to divert me from the task at hand. I’ve recently been using “disconnection” to fight distraction and focus on an intense task for a few hours, and noticed the same notion […]

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