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Aug 30 2006

YouTube’s 45 Terabytes… no big deal?

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Over at the Wall Street Journal and Micro Persuasion and and a bunch of other places, a big deal is being made of the YouTube’s estimated 45 Terabytes worth of video. It is “about 5,000 home computers’ worth”. Ouch, 45 Terabytes! Wow! Or maybe not… consider the mathematics. 45 TB really isn’t all that […]

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Aug 27 2006

Keep Your Development Focus Sharp

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Brian Button recently suggested, for XPSTL, “a series of presentations where we discuss the biggest challenges we, as team members and developers for the most part, face in our day-to-day jobs with respect to being agile. The challenges can be in technical areas, organizational change issues, or whatever else people think is hard.” I’ll bite. […]

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Aug 10 2006

Aiming for Mainstream

Published under Technology

Over on defmacro today, a new article appeared: defmacro – Why Exotic Languages Are Not Mainstream in which the author laments that while there appear to be various choices to use Haskell on Windows, it turns out that all of them are, in some way, not ready for prime time… or even for effective hobbiest […]

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Aug 02 2006

DreamHost Disasters

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You might have noticed that and my other sites have had several long downtimes recently.  I certainly have. The cause, in every case, has been DreamHost, the formerly excellent hostiing firm I use.  DreamHost has excellent features and configurability, but two large problems: Lots of downtime incidents Slow performance of DB-based web apps, including […]

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