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Nov 30 2003

.NET Compact Framework – Development Considerations

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At the October and November 2003 St. Louis Wireless SIG, I introduced the .NET Compact Framework, then discussed some lessons I learned in developing an application with it. Download the notes here in PDF format Notes in plain text are available:

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Nov 24 2003

Graph Visualization in Delphi

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For a project at Oasis Digital, we need to show the end user a graphical representation of a graph (in the “graph theory” sense of the word). The application is written in Delphi, and in looking around I didn’t find any native Delphi components for doing that. I did find GraphViz, and a COM Wrapper […]

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Nov 21 2003

More Bowling

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In my last post, I presented an enhancement to a "bowling score calculator" problem being discussed on the Extreme Programming Mailing List. My solution extended a not-very-OO solution presented here; though not object oriented, it was short and clear. I generally write intensively OO code, so I found this interesting. A contention on the list, […]

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Nov 20 2003

How Many (Java) Classes Do You Need To Go (XP) Bowling?

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An object-oriented developer searches for a reason to add more of them.

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Nov 16 2003

Word Chains Kata Solution

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I worked out a solution for “Pragmatic” Dave Thomas’s Code Kata 19 (Word Chains) in Java; it’s somewhat different than Dave’s published solution.

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Nov 14 2003

Upcoming talk at SD 2004

Published under Presentations

I’m giving a talk on data handling in a disconnected mode appliction next year at SD Expo 2004.

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