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Mar 02 2014

AngularJS $q Promise Delayer

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In class a couple months ago (the Angular Boot Camp I often teach), a student asked how to do something like Thread.sleep(n) in JavaScript. Of course there isn’t such a thing, at least in the main JS execution environments (browsers, Node). Rather there is the asynchronous equivalent of setTimeout(). But there is an equivalent, nearly […]

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Jan 21 2014

Video Encoding, Still Slow in 2014

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Over at Oasis Digital, some of us work together in our St. Louis office, while others are almost entirely remote. I’ve written before about tools for distributed teams, and we’ve added at least one new tool since then: talk while drawing on a a whiteboard, record video, upload it to where the whole team can […]

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Dec 07 2013

Code Reviews – Use a gate, not a drive-by

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Does your team / project use code reviews? If not, I suggest starting today. There are countless resources online about how and why to do code reviews; there are numerous code review tools, open source and commercial. Who should review code? A great question, perhaps for other blog posts. When should code┬ábe reviewed? Hopefully also […]

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Nov 26 2013

Update Your Obsolete Packages

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A Great Solution… Maven, Leiningen, Nuget, Gradle, NPM, and numerous other package/dependency management tools are very helpful for modern (or perhaps post-modern) development, which typically involves numerous library dependencies. These tools implement a fundamentally good and important idea: List the packages, and versions, your package/application depends on. In a text file. In the project. Where […]

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Nov 26 2013

A Better Bash+Git Prompt

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I enjoy a souped-up Bash prompt which radiates information about (for example) the branch I am on, in addition to the usual information (current directory). There are countless examples online, but the nicest I’ve found so far is this one from Martin Gondermann. I have it set to show just a little information: Martin shows […]

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Nov 22 2013

Clojure Conj 2013

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Last week I attended Clojure Conj, the annual “main” event for the Clojure development community. Past events were held in Durham, NC at a typical conference hotel; this year’s event was held in Alexandria VA, in the much more impressive venue shown here – I happened to look out my hotel room window at just […]

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