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Oct 03 2014

Separation of Concerns != Separate Languages

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A while back I wrote about the merits (and problems) of alternative HTML syntax such as Jade, HAML, etc. Another form of alternative syntax for HTML is an “internal DSL” in a programming language. There are various examples out there, including Domo for JavaScript and Hiccup for Clojure/CLJS. Hiccup syntax (which is to say, Clojure syntax) […]

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Sep 22 2014

Dynamic CSS Manipulation with JavaScript

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Last week I attended the Manning’s Powered By JavaScript one-day conference, the day before Strange Loop. Here are some thoughts on the “Powered By” conference as a whole and on one talk: “Dump Less and SASS: Dynamic CSS Manipulation with JavaScript” Speaker: Michael Mikowski I wrote recently about CSS, so this talk caught my attention […]

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Sep 07 2014

Data Services for AngularJS Applications

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I wrote recently about data/API services for complex “single page” JavaScript-heavy web applications. Everything there applies to AngularJS as well as other frameworks (Ember, Knockout, React, etc.), but there are some particulars to keep in mind for ease of interaction between an AngularJS web application and a data service. This topic is also asked about in […]

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Sep 06 2014

Data/API Servers/Services for Single Page Web Applications

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A Client needs a Server, or at least a Service Over the last few years the team at Oasis Digital has created various complex “single page” web applications, using AngularJS, KnockoutJS, and other tools. These applications’ assets and code are be statically hosted (cheaply on  CDN if needed), but of course each application needs a backend data service (possibly […]

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Sep 04 2014

Taking CSS Seriously

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At Oasis Digital, we have spent much of our effort over the last several years creating complex “single page” web applications. There is much to say about that, but today I’m writing about one specific sliver: styling the application pages with CSS. To do good work at scale when using CSS to style an application (versus a […]

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Jul 21 2014

HTML Syntax: Threat or Menace?

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Some developers love HTML: its syntax, its angle brackets, its duplicated tag names, its scent, its silky smooth skin. If you are among them, you probably don’t won’t like this post. I appreciate the practicality of HTML: HTML is ubiquitous, so nearly every developer already knows it. Nearly every editor and IDE already syntax-highlights and auto-formats HTML. But […]

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