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Mar 29 2009

Sometimes You Need to Compile It Yourself

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I posted an earlier version of this on the Puppet mailing list recently; it seemed worth expanding here. An Ideal World In an ideal world, for each piece of Linux software I use, a very recent version would be “in the box” in the distribution package repositories, for every distro and distro release I use. […]

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Mar 08 2009

Bar Camp St. Louis, a stealth micro-unconference?

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Today I stumbled across the web evidence of Bar Camp St. Louis (Flickr stream, Facebook group) , a software / social networking flavored “unconference”. It occured a few months ago, on Dec. 13th, 2008.  I’m not sure I’d have attended, but I am surprised that went below the radar of any of the various user […]

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Mar 04 2009


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Q: How do you know when you’re talking to an excessively enterprisey software vendor? A: When they require an NDA before they tell you anything about what their product costs. I’ve been down the enterprise software path; I’ve worked in companies producing it, I’ve worked in companies buying it. I know the drill. I’ve fought […]

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