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Sep 17 2013

JIRA API – Anonymous Access to Public Instances

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There are rumors around that it is impossible to use the JIRA API anonymously, even with an instance set up for public read access. This is not true. I wrote a tiny example tiny project to demonstrate it by retrieving info from a public JIRA instance (the one for Hibernate). The main source of this […]

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Nov 20 2012

JIRA OnDemand CSV Import – Rough Edges

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We just went through a surprising amount of effort to import projects in to Atlassian’s JIRA OnDemand, using their CSV importer. Here are some tricky bits we hit along the way; this is accurate as of November 2012. If you are reading this well after that date, hopefully JIRA’s newer JSON-based import option is supported and documented by now. […]

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Jun 12 2012

Yet Another Github Issues to JIRA Export Tool

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A few weeks ago I posted about the various Github Issues export tools to prepare data for import to Atlassian JIRA. Unsurprisingly, none of them worked sufficiently well for my needs. I thought about adapting and improving one of them; I know Ruby, Python, and (barely) enough Perl. But none was all that appealing; some […]

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May 10 2012

Github Issues to JIRA – What Works?

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Today I looked for a way to import issues (including history) from Github Issues to JIRA. I was delighted and disappointed to find at least four different implementations of a Github Issues to JIRA-CSV exporter – all honestly described as rough one-off efforts. It seems likely that I’ll adapt (add minor improvements to) one of the […]

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