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Aug 27 2010

Refactoring some Factor code

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Most of the software I work with is very practical. At Oasis Digital we mostly create line-of-business enterprise software, and even when I step away from that, I usually pick up a tool or language that has a good likelihood of mainsteam adoption. Sometimes, though, I like to really stretch my mind. For that, it’s […]

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Apr 03 2009

Factor Talk at the Lambda Lounge

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Last night (April 2, 2009) at the St. Louis Lambda Lounge I gave a 45-minute talk on the Factor programming language. I’ve uploaded the handout and example code here. I apologize in advance to anyone in the Factor community who reads it and laughs at my “newbie” mistakes and misstatements. Appistry again provided space and pizza […]

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Nov 28 2008


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Over the holiday I looked at the Factor programming language, and was very impressed. It has a Lisp-like metacircular quality, and a remarkably wide set of features/libraries in spite of a very small development team and community. Unlike many other small language projects, Factor is fast, rich, and can produce shippable binaries. Its team cares […]

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