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Nov 26 2013

Update Your Obsolete Packages

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A Great Solution… Maven, Leiningen, Nuget, Gradle, NPM, and numerous other package/dependency management tools are very helpful for modern (or perhaps post-modern) development, which typically involves numerous library dependencies. These tools implement a fundamentally good and important idea: List the packages, and versions, your package/application depends on. In a text file. In the project. Where […]

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Nov 26 2013

A Better Bash+Git Prompt

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I enjoy a souped-up Bash prompt which radiates information about (for example) the branch I am on, in addition to the usual information (current directory). There are countless examples online, but the nicest I’ve found so far is this one from Martin Gondermann. I have it set to show just a little information: Martin shows […]

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Nov 22 2013

Clojure Conj 2013

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Last week I attended Clojure Conj, the annual “main” event for the Clojure development community. Past events were held in Durham, NC at a typical conference hotel; this year’s event was held in Alexandria VA, in the much more impressive venue shown here – I happened to look out my hotel room window at just […]

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Nov 12 2013

Chuck Moore / GreenArrays at Strange Loop 2013

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I think this was my favorite bit of Strange Loop 2013. Chuck Moore (inventor of FORTH and other interesting things) spoke about his work at GreenArrays¬† on a novel CPU. The CPU consists of 144 separate “computers” those computers are quite small in capability compared what we typically think of as a computer or CPU. […]

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Nov 10 2013

AngularJS Lunch-time user group, St. Louis MO

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There are plenty of user groups that meet in the evening. We’re going to try one at lunchtime, which is potentially more convenient for those of us with kids in school. Angular Lunch, in St. Louis MO. Third wednesday of each month. Noon. At the offices of Oasis Digital, who will supply the pizza and […]

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Nov 07 2013

One Plug to Rule Them All

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USB has taken over as the “one plug” for most purposes. The coming-soon Power Delivery specification will likely expand that reach quite a lot. Already though, USB has taken over my desk, thanks to this shiny new 7+2 hub. (Not an affiliate link, I just like it.)  

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