Flex version of my overworn “flying boxes” GUI demo

Long-time fans may remember my “flying boxes” demo at the St. Louis Java user group in 2005, or my followup work in 2008, in which I translated that demo to JavaScript (Rhino).

I picked that demo project up again last year and recreated it with Flex 3; you can now try it out onlinedownload the code, or browse it on github. It looks like this:

Click on it to try it “live” in as Flash/Flex.

The interesting part is the drag-drop movement – not my less-then-stellar color and design choices.

2 thoughts on “Flex version of my overworn “flying boxes” GUI demo”

  1. Interesting! I have been looking at Flex as well… although I’m more interested in the ability to make AIR apps. Of course behind the scenes it’s an SWF file as well, so it’s not that different…

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