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Jul 31 2009

.NET Compact Framework

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Ever since I posted my experiences creating software for the .NET Compact Framework back in 2006, I’ve received a steady trickle of thank-you emails. Apparently there are bits of information in there that are (or at least were, at the time) somewhat hard to find. Sadly the information there has fallen somewhat out of date […]

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Jul 27 2009

Business of Software 2009

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A couple of years ago I attended the inaugural Business of Software conference; it was quite worthwhile. This year I’ve registered to attend Business of Software 2009, and heartily recommend it to anyone interested in the subject matter. Joel Spolsky is one of the sponsors; I had an interesting conversation with Joel last time I […]

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Jul 05 2009

Flex version of my overworn “flying boxes” GUI demo

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Long-time fans may remember my “flying boxes” demo at the St. Louis Java user group in 2005, or my followup work in 2008, in which I translated that demo to JavaScript (Rhino). I picked that demo project up again last year and recreated it with Flex 3; you can now¬†try it out online,¬†download the code, […]

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