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Oct 10 2015

Angular 2 alpha 38-or-so error finding Subject.js

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Here’s a tip for the intrepid out there who are following the Angular 2 alphas. It has been somewhat harrowing, as alpha software tends to be. Here’s a problem I encountered today, and could not find an obvious answer anywhere on the Internet, therefore this post. Here’s a critical piece of background, I have been […]

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Aug 08 2015

Martin Fowler defines Software Architecture

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Yesterday I saw the following video of a brief talk by Martin Fowler, in which he defines software architecture. I have grumbled about that term myself, in that firstly it is often ill-defined, and secondly it can be pretentious. I have sometimes defined software architecture as “high level design”, or as the design of systems […]

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Dec 13 2014

Record Development Meetings with Hangouts On Air

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At Oasis Digital, our project teams coordinate in numerous ways, sometimes by meeting “live”. At these meetings we discuss, we plan, we model, we code, we review. For teams/projects where everyone is physically present at headquarters, this is readily done by plugging in to a large TV re-purposed as a computer monitor. (Proposed bumper sticker: […]

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Dec 01 2014

More CSS in JavaScript, this time with React

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In September I mentioned a talk at Strange Loop 2014 where the speaker described a technique for writing CSS in the form of JavaScript which then executes to produce the actual CSS. This avoids a server-side build process, it knows more about the browser while operating, it avoids a HTTP round-trip, and has various other […]

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Nov 25 2014

Rubber Duck Debugging ++

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You may have heard of “rubber duck debugging“. Here is my superior debugging partner.

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Nov 21 2014

Task Based User Interfaces

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Here at Oasis Digital, the bulk of our work is on complex business data systems. These projects sometimes involve a so-called task-based user interface. Briefly, this is an interface where the operations available to the user are presented in terms of the problem domain, rather than in terms of editing data. Other names for this […]

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