Cycle JS – example application and video tour

I recently learned a lot about CycleJS, which had been recommended to me in the category “you probably won’t use this for your day job right now, but you will learn a lot by looking”. And indeed, it has turned out to be the case. Cycle can be thought of as an answer to the question “what if we only had Observables and virtual DOM ? Would that be enough to build applications?” It appears to me that the answer is yes, though the tooling is not really all that complete yet.

Along the way I wrote a small example application and recorded a series of short videos (below) explaining some of the things I learned along the way, how to use various Cycle features, and especially about interesting points of comparison between Cycle and Angular and React.

These videos are not an introduction to Cycle, nor do they replace the documentation. Rather the idea is to give a flavor of how things work in Cycle from an application developer point of view, compare and contrast with other approaches, and point out why some of the ideas are quite valuable even if initially not obvious.

As I write this, have recorded four videos and made it about 70% of the way through the example application, talking through how it works and why. Questions and suggestions are much appreciated, probably the best place to put those is in the issue tracker of the example application linked above.