May 30 2011

Mobile Lua – iOS and Android apps with Corona

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On Thursday (May 26, 2011), I presented at the St. Louis Mobile Dev group, on cross-mobile-platform development with Lua. There are various ways to do this (including rolling your own), but for simplicity I used Ansca’s Corona product. The talk was somewhat impromptu, so I didn’t record audio or video. The slides are available:

Mobile Lua for iOS and Android with Ansca Corona from Kyle Cordes

… or as a PDF: 2011-Lua-Corona-Mobile-Dev.pdf

From this blog, you might get the impression that I use Lua extensively. That is not true; 95% of my work does not involve Lua in any way.

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4 Responses to “Mobile Lua – iOS and Android apps with Corona”

  1. Todd says:

    Great presentation Kyle. There is a major new open source Lua mobile platform for games which launched just before you spoke. Check out Moai at It is still in beta, but overcomes a lot of the limitations you wrote about, and being open source, you can always make it better yourself!

  2. Alex Jonsson says:

    Very interesting, you should also look at MoSync, there are some Lua activities worth mentioning there as well:
    and the Mobile Lua project @



  3. Thanks for great slides! Very good characterisation of Lua.

    I have become very fond of Lua, have ported it to the MoSync cross-platform mobile dev tool (actually named the project MobileLua).

    Lua JIT is very exciting, hope it will make it on mobile devices. My experience is that you can also get good performance with the interpreter, especially if you make an app that is less computationally intensive and uses native UI and other platform services.

    Best regards, Mikael