If you like it, make a link to it – a plea for real links

You see something good on the web; now it’s time to tell other people about it. Maybe you’ll use various common tools:

  • Facebook “like” it
  • Social-network-share it
  • Bit.ly it
  • Tweet it
  • Mention it in a forum post
  • Mention it in a blog comment

I believe it’s smart and convenient to do those things, but not to only do those things. Why? Because they create redirected, tracked, short-lived, rel=nofollowed, or otherwise weak links. Links that don’t properly tell search engines that the content is worthwhile. Quasi-links that attempt to replace real links as the fundamental currency of the web.

If you really like it, if you think it deserves ongoing attention, then in addition to whatever else you do, put a real A-HREF link to it on your web site/blog.

One thought on “If you like it, make a link to it – a plea for real links”

  1. As you already know, thanks to the magic of twitter, I blogged a link to this post:


    Sometimes I just want to quickly tweet a link, and do something else. For this reason, I think it would be nice to have a service that would collect all tweets with a certain hashtag and turn them into todo items. I may implement it myself.

    I’ve seen some curated link roundup posts on blogs. Jeff Schoolcraft has a really good one. I may try this soon. 🙂

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