Java / J2EE and .NET Talk

At the September 2003 Gateway JUG, I gave a talk on the similarities and differences between Java/J2EE and .NET.

At the Sep. 2003 Gateway Java User Group, I gave a talk on the technical similarities and differences between Java/J2EE and .NET, as well as the non-technical issues in adoption of each. The presentation is available for download here, as well as the plain text of it.

Java / .NET Talk PowerPoint Presentation: J2eeNET.ppt

In the past, readers have asked how I got the text of a powerpoint presentation in to plain HTML. This is a multi-step process, since PowerPoint itself generates graphic-intensive, frames-based HTML with limited, JavaScript-only navigation. PowerPoint lost the ability to generate more reader-friend HTML in recent versions. In its defense, the HTML it generates does a good job of capturing the exact look of the slides, which is very important to some users but not important to me; I want the plain text so that search engines can find it and any browser can read it.

The process is: Continue reading “Java / J2EE and .NET Talk”

PDA Application Walkthrough

Walkthough and screenshots of a PDA application development effort using the .NET Compact Framework, Embedded VC++, Embedded Visual Basic, Pocket Studio, and more.

This spring I created a site-inspection data collection PDA application for an Oasis Digital client. The first phase of that project was to build working prototypes of each part of such a system, in order to demonstrate what kind of application we will be able to create, and to bring my own skills up to date with current PDA development tools (my previous PDA work was a few years ago using the C/C++ Palm development tools). The prototype was a success, and led to a development effort for a system now deployed in production.

Along the way I learned a lot of things about the various tools for PDA applicationdevelopment, made a few dozen screenshots, and posted them here:

PDA Application Walkthrough