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Oct 30 2010

If you like it, make a link to it – a plea for real links

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You see something good on the web; now it’s time to tell other people about it. Maybe you’ll use various common tools: Facebook “like” it Social-network-share it it Tweet it Mention it in a forum post Mention it in a blog comment I believe it’s smart and convenient to do those things, but not […]

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Oct 29 2010

In the Arena

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Almost every day at some point I wander over to Hacker News, which has some great discussion, along with some less great discussion, among people pursuing or aspiring to pursue a software startup or similar business. Likewise with local events (like ITEN STL offers), and even more so the Business of Software conference earlier this […]

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Oct 27 2010

October 2010: Business of Software, Strange Loop, Clojure Conj

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I attended three conferences in October 2010, the most of any month of my life to date. Others have posted extensively about all three events, so I’ll link to a few posts and point out highlights for me. Business of Software 2010 BoS alternates between San Franscisco and Boston; this year it was in Boston. […]

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Oct 19 2010

Map-Reduce in the Small: an Array of Talks

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At Strange Loop 2010, Guy Steele gave a wide-ranging, excellent talk in which the key point was: In essence, his notion is to use a divide-and-conquer approach, which he described as “map-reduce in the small” (or some similar phrase). This is analogous to techniques used to partition work in large distributed systems, but inside a […]

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Oct 16 2010

Lua Doesn’t Suck – Strange Loop 2010 video

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At Strange Loop 2010, I gave a 20 minute talk on Lua. The talk briefly covered six reasons (why, not how) to choose Lua for embedded scripting. Lua is safe, fast, simple, easily learned, and more popular that you might expect. The Strange Loop crew only recorded video in the two largest venues (out of […]

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