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May 26 2007

BaseJumpr: BaseCamp -> ActiveCollab

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BaseJumpr has a fascinating service offering: they export your data from your Basecamp account, producing a set of files ready to import in to ActiveCollab, the open source Basecamp-sorta-clone-like-program. They then, if you wish to buy their hosting service, create an instance of ActiveCollab for you and import your data there. (They host your file […]

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May 26 2007

TEDTalks – Ideas Worth Spreading – Video Worth Watching

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TED is an annual conference at which a bunch of (hopefully?) remarkable people say remarkable things. I’m using the word in a Seth Godin sort of way: remarkable things are those which inspire people to literally remark about them. It appears to be “A-list” event, meaning that I’m not likely to make the cut anytime […]

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May 26 2007

Java Documentation in a Windows HTMLHelp (CHM) file

Published under Technology

The Java software development kit documentation can be downloaded from, in the form of a ZIP file with tens of thousands of linked HTML file. This seems like an ideal canonical form for this documentation, but it is inconvenient to use, and inconvenient to have so many files sitting around. If your development machine […]

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May 17 2007

Linus Torvalds explains distributed source control

Published under Technology

On several occasions over the last year, I’ve pointed out that distributed source control tools are dramatically better than centralized tools. It’s quite hard for me to explain why. This is probably because of sloppy and incomplete thinking on my part, but it doesn’t help that most of the audiences / people I’ve said this […]

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May 16 2007

Use SVK to remotely “svnadmin dump” an SVN repository

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One of the nice things about SVN is how easy it is to carry the complete SVN history from one server to another: “svnadmin dump” produces a single (large) dump file with the complete history, then “svnadmin load” to recreate it on the new machine. However, for a handful of our projects we have an […]

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May 10 2007

Selling your Software as a Service: Notes and Audio

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At the St. Louis Code Camp on May 5, 2007, I gave a talk on Selling Your Software as a Service, in which I discussed our experiences selling a complex (Java) “enterprise” application in that manner. The room was much more crowded than I expected, it was exciting to have an eager group. As with […]

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